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Next Event May 25th, 2017
1:00PM - 2:00PM ET

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Federal Executive Webcast Series

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May 25th, 2017


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Presenter: Mr. Sam Jones

Mr. Samuel C. Jones is a career United States Census Bureau employee with over 37 years of service. He received a Senior Executive Service (SES) appointment on Jan 4, 2009. He currently serves as the Division Chief of Economic Applications Division. In addition to providing leadership and direction to EAD, a highly skilled staff of over 230 IT professionals and 45 contractors, Mr. Jones was also selected to serve on the Executive Guidance Group (EGG) to provide critical senior executive oversight to the Census Enterprise Data Collection and Processing (CEDCaP) program. As a member of this elite group he worked to conduct deep dives into several key aspects of the CEDCaP program including system architecture, schedule, and cost. On a highly accelerated schedule, the EGG produced a report card informing the Census Bureau Director and the CEDCaP Executive Steering Committee on the state of the IT systems. Mr. Jones also worked with the EGG to establish a coalition that included the CEDCaP Program Management Office, the CEDCaP and Decennial Systems Engineering and Integration Teams, Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute, and subject matter experts from key Census Bureau program areas.

Mr. Jones’s primary goal during his tenure is to set priorities to enable, develop and implement enterprise concepts and capabilities and establish specific goals and metrics and to demonstrate progress. Throughout his career, Mr. Jones has received numerous outstanding ratings in the performance of his duties. His awards and citations include two Bronze Medals and the Director’s Award for Innovation.

Mr. Jones joined the United States Census Bureau in 1979 as a survey statistician on the Decennial Processing Staff (DPS) and worked on the 1980 Decennial Census. Following that assignment, Mr. Jones moved to the Industry Division {(formally, Manufacturing and Construction Division (MCD)} in 1982 where he converted to the role of computer specialist.

In 1994, Mr. Jones joined the Foreign Trade Division (FTD) now the International Trade Management Division (ITMD) team as branch chief (GS-14) for the Current Systems Programming Branch (CSPB). In that role he was directly responsible for all aspects of the software development life cycle from data collection to data dissemination of the production processing of import and export statistics in the batch environment. He was promoted to Assistant Division Chief for Data Systems (GS-15) while at FTD. In this capacity, he was responsible for all IT operations and services required by FTD to support the division’s mission.

Mr. Jones has a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters of Education in College Counseling from the University of Delaware.

Mr. Jones has been active in several professional and community organizations including the African American Federal Executive Association (AAFEA) and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Mr. Jones serves a mentor to several professional African American’s in the Federal Government space including a member of the AAFEA Fellows program. He was an active member in the Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEPERs). This is a program developed by the Bowie State University. It is designed to identify black executives in both the Federal Government and private industry who are willing to talk to students about the importance of education in the workplace for both performing on the job and gaining employment. He has also mentored several minority college students through summer internship programs at the US Census Bureau.  Mr. Jones is committed to serving his local community.  He established and executed the Patuxent United Methodist Church tutoring program for several years. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees at a local community college.

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