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Next Event March 23, 2017

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Federal Executive Webcast Series

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Certain DOD network firewalls are blocking or restricting video streaming from sites such as this Federal Executive Webcast Series, including those viewers on networks with and email addresses. If you’re firewall is blocking or restricting this live video webcast, please try an alternative network/device such as your personal smart phone, tablet or laptop. Please note that this 2nd webcast, like the first one, and all other webcasts in this series will be archived for viewing later, to allow those who are blocked by a firewall who and who do not have access to an alternative network/device during the live webcast, to view these presentations at another time.

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Webcast #2 of the Federal Executive Webcast Series “Driving High Performing Organizations” is scheduled for March 23, 2017 at 1:00 pm. Please post on your calendar with a 15-minute alert. We will start promptly at 1:00 pm.

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Kevin R. Cooke Jr.
US Department of Housing & Urban Development
Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer

Mr. Cooke has served as the Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer at Housing and Urban Developmentsince October 2010. He also served as acting HUD Chief Information Officer from December 2013 though June 2014. He is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction for the day-to-day OCIO Operations and partners with the CIO to provide direction, oversight, and managementfor Information Technology investments that support the diverse portfolio of programs across HUD.
Mr. Cooke has over 25 years of experience conceiving, designing and implementing Information Technology (IT) solutions as well as managing IT resources, budgets, contracts, and programs for Federal agencies. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Cooke served as Acting Deputy Chief Information Officer at the US Department of Energy. While there he was responsible for coordinating policies and procedures to ensure effective, efficient and economical information management planning in support of Department of Energy missions and objectives.
While working in the Department of Energy’s Chief Information Office, Mr. Cooke progressed through the roles of Director of IT Office Systems, Director of Human Capital and Administrative Management, and Associate Chief Information Officer for Information Technology Corporate Management.


March 9, 2017